Pace Language Institute
IJsbaanpad 9 Amsterdam

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Open house: every Thursday, 1:00-4:00 pm

You can visit Pace every Thursday afternoon, between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. Our doors are open, so you can see our building, talk to our teachers, and - if you wish - have a Dutch language level test. Location: IJsbaanpad 9, Amsterdam.

Dutch for Expats

Are you an expat in the Netherlands? Do you want to learn some basic Dutch in 12 lessons? On 10 November 2015, new courses Dutch for Expats start for different language levels.

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Video: Dutch in the Workplace at Pace

DWI and Pace jointly developed a video (ca 3.5 min., Dutch) about the successful trajectory Dutch in the Workplace. Watch the video>>


Dutch courses for beginners / civic integration

Do you have language level A1-minus and are you looking for a Dutch course? Soon, four new Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) / civic integration courses will start: in the morning (5 November), afternoon (3 december) and evening (7 januari 2016).

Orientation Dutch Labour Market

Pace prepares you for this exam. See the timetables>> 

Perfect Dutch

Do you want to improve your Dutch language skills in 10 sessions? Did you pass Staatsexamen NT2-II? Do you want to improve your Dutch skills for work or education? Then enrol in a Perfect Dutch course at Pace.The evening course starts 27 oktober 2015. The courses offer a chance to non-native speakers with an advanced Dutch language level to upgrade their language skills towards level C1. Read more about Perfect Dutch>>

Cursussen Nederlands

Civic integration course? You can have a loan!

Are you obliged to do a Dutch civic integration exam? Then you can have a loan from DUO for the course and exam. Those who have received a residence permit dated before 1 January 2013, may get a reimbursement of up to 70% for the course and the exam, if they pass the exam. Contact Pace for FREE advice and support when applying for a loan. Read more about a loan from DUO >>

Course participant

Business English

Are you a businessperson, and do you wish to improve your English language skills? Pace offers Business English courses specifically designed for you and your company, private lessons and in groups, if desired in-company. Writing letters and public speaking can be part of the programma. Read more about Business English >>